Find your life mission and achieve it!


Align your life and your business!
Well-being in business


Find your life mission and achieve it!


Would you like to be able to move forward in your personal and professional life?

Are you tired of constantly asking yourself the same question?

Do you want your talents to finally be recognized?

Find your life mission!

Find your life mission!

Are you tired of looking for yourself, thinking about what you could do to be happy?

Would you like to realize yourself and help others?

You may have been going around in circles for years wondering why you exist…

Are you trying to know, understand, understand yourself?

Do you regularly ask yourself about the real person you are?

Would you finally like to understand yourself and know what you can do with your life, know where and what you would be exceptional in?

If not, where will you be in a year, in five years?

I offer to help you think about it, I offer you to move forward!

If you’re interested, email me and we’ll make an appointment to get to know each other.

Marc Blais 450-803-5685


An individual or organization that finds its mission is invincible!

Coaching/training Align your life and business! well-being in business

I offer tailor-made business coaching to identify, clarify and fulfill your company’s mission in all its organizational aspects.

From the interestand and strengths of owners/managers, to the personal values of all employees, to the revision, adaptation and adoption of a new success plan based on well-being at work. And also, the evaluation of the main actions to be carried out with the various resources to achieve it.

Personalised coaching from A to Z to relaunch and re-energize your company, its executives and all its employees!

Contact me to discuss it.

(450) 803-5685

Marc Blais CPA, CGA


Thinking about your goals is about yourself and your dreams.

Sometimes we stop believing in our dreams, we stop dreaming, we must not!


Marc Blais

I believe that a person or organization that knows its raison d’être is invincible!

Today I dedicate myself to helping people and organizations find their raison d’être and meet the challenge of experiencing this change.

For a person, this change will manifest itself in his personal life, at work and with his money. While for a company, specifying its mission will have an impact on its strategic plan, its human resources, its customers, etc.

In my first career, I practiced public accounting and personal financial planning. I am a member of the Order of the Quebec CPAs.

In my second career, I was CEO and director of several publicly traded companies and NGOs, particularly in the field of education.

I still believe there’s more to life than numbers!

Marc Blais



Isn’t life’s biggest challenge being yourself?

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