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My mission

My mission is to help you find your raison d’être and live your life according to your unique talent and true values.

Being yourself in life, at work and with your money is a real challenge!

And happiness is the reward!


Being yourself in life

I will share with you in this blog and through my workshops-conferences everything I have learned during my career and my personal life to help you find who you really are and to express it clearly in all spheres of your life.

For me, the mastery of our identity is essential to our happiness, financial or not!

And money is just a tool…

Being yourself at work

To be happy, our actions, relationships, work choices (as employees or contractors) and personal finances must be aligned with the person we really are. Without being influenced by those and what surrounds us!

I know that finding who you really are and taking it on at work is a major challenge in internal communications. And in this sense, companies also need to be able to define themselves better in order to attract and keep the best candidates at home.

Being yourself with your money

Living financial happiness, given social pressures and subliminal marketing, is a feat!

So how do you make a living by fulfilling your life mission and being useful to others? And how do you manage your personal expenses in accordance with your ideals?

And finally, how do you invest in respecting the person you are and realize your life plan? And by the way, what’s this life plan?


Marc Blais

Expert in life mission and business coaching


Isn’t life’s biggest challenge being yourself in your life, at work and with your money?


Our challenge is to find the strength to change what needs to change, in itself, to finally bring happiness into our lives.


An individual or organization that knows its mission is invincible.

– Marc Blais –

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