Being yourself at work

The individual or organization that knows its raison d’être is invincible!

Are you ready to take action?

Maybe you’ve been looking for yourself for a while?

Do you feel that you are not quite in your place, or not at all? But you don’t know what else you’d do with your life?



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Are you looking for authenticity?

Being authentic at work is fine, but is it really possible?

And how do you do that knowing that you are in danger of being judged?

Can we really say what we think, all the time?

You see, there is a challenge that just needs to be met.

While we wait for us to talk about it, you can join my Facebook group The Challenge of BeingYourself.


Finding one’s values is a path…

To be yourself at work, just as to be yourself in life and be yourself with your money, you have to get to know yourself well enough.

First, by recognizing your personal values, you will be able to know in advance in which workplace they will be recognized.

Indeed, if a company conveys my core values, I will know that this environment will be conducive to my personal and professional development.


It would be better if I continued my journey!

Do your values coincide with those of your employer?

When a company announces its values and its cause, I am easily able to see if it suits me.

If so, I will only have to evaluate the extent to which the boots follow the slippers!


Do you know your unique talent?

We all have a talent. Because we’re all programmed to be unique.

And we’re all good at doing something that only we can do.

Each of us has a special talent that we can and must put at the service of a cause that excites us, a cause greater than us…

Find out which one depends on all your strengths, motivations and experiences.

We can watch it all together in a workshop or coaching.

What motivates you to live?

The process of finding your life mission may take some time…

Because you have to go through certain steps before you find your truereason.

To help you in your journey, I give you a clue; I invite you to answer the following question:

What do you like when you help another person?



If the emotion you’ve felt is true and intense, it’sa sign that you’re on a good track.

Follow this lead, it will lead you to you.

To your identity.

And your truth.



Becoming a successful entrepreneur

When you discover your mission in this life, you may also be called upon to become an entrepreneur. You’ll see…

I warn you, becoming an entrepreneur, not necessarily going to make you a millionaire in six months!

But this lifestyle may be the most effective choice to promote your values and your cause. So pay attention to what you want to change around you, the product, the service that people would need to live better.

It is that success can take different forms and come from different sources.

If you go in that direction, your business will be unique. Because you’re unique!



It’s not easy to find your raison d’être

Finding what to do with your life is not easy.

Every important step and event in our lives will show us the way to go!

This is what will bring about change inside and outside of us.

This change, sometimes painful, will cause us to lose our old convictions and find new ones…

That is why he who chose his profession or profession in the belief that this choice of life was definitive will be disappointed to find that this was just one of many milestones in his life.

In fact, it was just a walk, just a step up the stairs of the challenge of being yourself.

It is by persevering, continuing your way to the next level that you will find your raison d’être.

And that’s when you’ll change the world!

In your own way!


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