Control your attention, control your life!

Peace of mind is not produced by begging or begging, but by taking the direction of one’s attention.
Harry Palmer

Control your attention, control your life!

The Vigilance Mini Course – The Basics for The Direction of Avatar Attention®


Would you like to increase your ability to direct your attention?

The avatar’s Mini-Basics for Attention Direction® explores ways in which human attention can be preserved and even restored.

This course will focus on practical self-learning exercises. The whole course can be repeated many times, a deeper blossoming occurring each time.



Increase your ability to direct your own attention.


Increased free attention. Recovery from self-determination.

During the few hours of this adventure, put your worries aside and devote yourself to discovering yourself and exploring the limitless potential that awaits you.

Get ready to experience your creation of consciousness and the physical universe in all its glory.

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Price: $30


Marc Blais

(418) 341-0908 or (514) 360-2137

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