Manage your beliefs!

Explore and understand the relationship between your beliefs and what you’re going through!

Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change the conclusions, decisions and agreements that shape their lives.

It could be called mental focus technique, belief management technique or spiritual powering technique.

You could call it many names, but the most important thing is that the tools work for you, and they work extremely well.

People are stunned.

The workshop manages your beliefs!

The Avatar Belief Management mini-course®



Price: $75

What you consider an impossible dream might be reasonable if you thought differently.

Harry Palmer

Description of the workshop

In this mini-course, you will discover the power of beliefs and the role they play in your life.

You will also learn to recognize beliefs in yourself and in others.



Explore and understand the relationship between your beliefs and what you are experiencing.


Expected results

Awareness, restructuring of personal reality, increased personal responsibility.



And finally, you will be presented with a proven methodology (Avatar) that provides effective tools to identify, evaluate, and if you wish, change the beliefs that shape your life.

“Invisible or indoctrinated beliefs, which dominate consciousness and seem unquestionably true, are the root cause of individual suffering. They can be severely disabling or even induce self-sabotage.”

During the few hours of this adventure, put your worries aside and devote yourself to discovering yourself and exploring the limitless potential that awaits you.

Get ready to experience your creation of consciousness and the physical universe in all its glory.


Book or information

Price: $75

Marc Blais

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