The Avatar course® 

Avatar is a direct personal development course that is not cluttered with beliefs, membership in a sect, or any quasi-religious rites.

Therefore, it is the purest expression of the movement of human potential.

Most of those who have completed the course agree: This is the most powerful and purest personal development program that can be found at any price.

Avatar® is a powerful and evolving course, based on the simple truth that your beliefs will allow you to create or attract situations and events that you experience during your life …


  1. Managing your beliefs
  2. To take charge of your life
  3. To understand you better
  4. Free yourself from your self-sabotage behaviors
  5. To see others as they are
  6. To reach a state of meditative consciousness and live unique experiences at will
  7. To stay calm even when others lose control
  8. How to prepare your mind to attract what you want
  9. How to recognize and resolve your own doubts
  10. How to use your strengths and run your own life
  11. To live deliberately, with pride and audacity


The Avatar course is a personal development program for improving and managing life situations. There are no prerequisites to participate in the Avatar Course, other than the willingness to explore one’s own beliefs.

The course is presented by Masters Avatar(1) licensed by Star’s Edge International, the company that manages Avatar.

The Typical Avatar Course lasts nine days and includes a total of approximately 72 hours of work, including instructions, discussions and small group interactions. There are currently more than 100,000 graduates from more than 71 countries and 6 continents. The course has been translated into 20 languages.



Techniques for self-realization:
Capabilities to help understand and accept responsibility for decisions and recognize them for their own.
Capabilities to maintain a climate of non-judgment in order to promote and encourage ideas and participation.
Capabilities to develop forces from apparent weaknesses.
Capabilities to remove self-imposed limitations.

Techniques for managing a changing environment:
Capabilities to allow flexibility and use the changing environment for maximum benefit.
Ability to focus on goals with minimal resistance.

Techniques for managing and resolving conflicts:
Capabilities to deal with interpersonal disagreements without emotional attachment and to stay focused on goals and goals.
Capabilities to reduce resistance and remove obstacles.


(1)-An Avatar Master is a person who has successfully completed the Avatar Master Course. After successfully completing the Avatar Master Course, students are eligible to receive a one-year provisional license to pass on the Avatar Course, in accordance with the current Rules of Star’s Edge. The Avatar Master Course is about teaching Avatar to others and taking on greater responsibility for people and events, without creating more disharmony or confusion in the world.

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Since its introduction in 1987, Avatar has experienced explosive growth worldwide. As of January 1, 2017, in 153 countries around the world, 32,000 Avatar masters were allowed to broadcast the course and more than 124,000 people participated in Avatar courses. Avatar hardware is currently available in 24 different languages. These numbers continue to grow

The Avatar course

The course teaches life lessons (experiential) rather than word classes (intellectual). For this reason, you need an avatar master prepared to guide you to the concrete lessons already contained in your consciousness.

The goal

The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in exploring your personal belief system and equip yourself with the tools you need to change the things you want to change. The Avatar course opens a window into the inner workings of your consciousness.

Section I – SurfaceRe®

Section I of the course invites you to connect to a broader understanding of how your beliefs affect your life. It is offered in the form of a two-day workshop.

The book ReSurfacing, Deliberately Living, Seeing Avatar And Private lessons by Harry Palmer are books used in Section I of the Avatar course. You can buy these books in ourbookstore.



Who am I?


Redoing Surface® (ReSurfacing) is a new approach to these old issues. You will find the answers by exploring the structure at the base of your consciousness.


The ReSurfacing workshop (section I of the Avatar course) gives an overview of what Avatar is and its orientation. It is offered by Master Avatar in an informal group environment that allows a lot of interaction and sharing.


Here you will enjoy a greater connection with the nature of personal reality and more ideas about it. The exercises reveal a self that transcends any idea you have imagined of yourself and the world. This moment of transcendence, or re-emergence, is a look at the universe opened by the materials of the avatar. Welcome home.


Section I exercises take you behind the scenes of your consciousness to take a look at the models on which you build your life. The journey results in an intimate connection with a deeper, more compassionate and self-aware state.


Section I is offered in the form of an inexpensive two-day workshop containing experimental information, demonstrations and exercises to awaken you to the limitless possibilities of deliberate life.


ReSurfacing refers to the action of freeing himself from his old creations and returning to consciousness. It is a process, parallel to nature, to reveal yourself to yourself. The award consists of new ideas and achievements about how your life works or why it doesn’t work.


ReSurfacing is an expedition in the consciousness that you customize according to your needs. Your decision belongs to yourself, and the truth you discover will be your truth.




The exercises will lead you to an experience of your personal study materials. It is the motivations and principles that govern your existence. They’re as unique as your fingerprints. Their discovery will take you to new levels and new perspectives that will greatly expand your understanding of life.


As you move forward, you will become aware of your creative power. This will surprise and amaze you. If you choose to follow this power to its origin, you will discover a sea of immeasurable consciousness that extends beyond time, consciousness and creation. Former companions are waiting for you there (here).


Section I cost $295.00


“Section I is intended for the intellect, it is a food for the mind, it is designed to stimulate understanding and connection with more lives…”
– Harry Palmer


Section II – Exercises

The Section II of the course puts you in touch with an experimental awareness of your existence and allows you to regain the ability to effortlessly create your personal reality.


In Section II of the Avatar® course, practice the skills and tools needed to successfully manage what you’re already experiencing in life. This is an opportunity to put things right before the big adventure begins.
Section II clarifies and amplifies an extra-sensory perceptual channel to the physical universe of which you may already be vaguely aware, the feeling expanded. It is a senseless feeling that does not require physical contact. Calm your mind and greatly amplify your sense of being.
Section II develops your ability to create a reality you prefer. Deeper access to your mental programming produces transformative accomplishments on why certain aspects of your life have not met expectations and what you can do to correct them.




Turn the part of you that was your worst enemy into a friend who guides you.


Self-sabotaging beliefs are discovered before they can cause further damage. Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.


Learn to experience reality without judgment, separation or distortion.


It takes 4 or 5 days to complete Section II, depending on what you encounter.


The cost of the second section is $500.00


With the material of Section II, you begin to explore: From small expeditions in the heart of your consciousness, you acquire the skills and tools necessary to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life.
“It’s an opportunity to put things in order before you start the great adventure…”
– Harry Palmer

Section III – Procedures


The Section III of the course explores the fundamental beliefs that create the universe and presents a simple and effective technique for managing beliefs. The technique is used in a series of procedures to resolve conflicts, limitations, persistent conditions and even pain.



panel8Section III is the main course. Start with a guided introductory session led by an avatar master.


The initiation makes you discover some more fundamental and transparent structures of consciousness: transparent, because instead of seeing them, you see through them. The initiation allows you to know experimentally procedures and tools that you can use to manage your life independently. Normally, this is a rewarding, knowledge-rich experience that can leave you in a state of euphoria for a while.




Section III of the Avatar course develops your ability to discriminate against realities that constitute hidden obstacles and obstacles to your work as a source. An avatar master accompanies you in a guided initiation that introduces you and allows you to discriminate against some of the most fundamental (and previously transparent) belief structures in the universe.


Next, complete the individual processes that allow you to manage bodily sensations, interpersonal conflicts, addictions, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions and, without words or discussions, convictions of others.




When you are able to manage any aspect of your existence from a creator’s point of view, you have reached the state of existence called Avatar.


It takes 2 to 4 days to complete Section III.


Section III cost $1500.00


With Section III, you become an expert in Avatar® individual procedures. You are now ready to explore. With individual procedures and the occasional assistance of a trainer or other student, start your exploration through Avatar processes. an area of experiences, beliefs or attitudes that could affect your appreciation of life.
– Harry Palmer


For information:

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