The challenge of being yourself

Your reason for living

When we talk about our raison d’être in life, we want a concrete answer to this great question: what to do with my life?

And we would love to receive in return a simple answer like: plumber, translator, journalist, actor, etc.

But it’s not that simple, because of, among other things, our past, our beliefs, all our blockages and our fears…

But how do I find out who I really am, then?

That’s the purpose of this section to help you find yourself!

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The Challenge of Being

Am I able to achieve myself?

What you have the ability to dream about, you also have the ability to achieve!

Richard Bach

It’s fantastic that our dreams tell us our possibilities.

What is a pity is that we also have antennas that emit contradictory signals…

Indeed, although some signals encourage us to dream of a better world for us and for those we love, other messages are constantly circulating in us to prevent us from believing in it!

What a paradox!

Which of our two forces will prevail?

The challenge of being yourself

What a great challenge to overcome as to defeat myself to simply succeed in being me!

You have a unique talent that makes you an indispensable person to this world now. I know that.

You can already feel it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading me…

I’ve got some leads for you, you’ll think about it and you’ll have discoveries. Your discoveries!

You belong, you belong. here.

I believe that an individual or organization that knows its one to be is invincible! Marc

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