The Love of Self, by Marlene Leblanc

Work on Self and self-knowledge inevitably leads to self-love.

When the layers of ill-being that cover the true Self have been removed, an incredible appeasement, a joy that only this discovery of Self can provoke, emerges.


Discover the wonderful and loving being that you are.

From that moment on, there is a deep awakening of consciousness that ensures that when a painful event occurs in life, one has within oneself everything you need to cope. Which means; experience the emotions caused by the event. It doesn’t matter which one (death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc.). Because even if the emotion is strong, it is only temporary.

Time, who is a great healer will do his work.

I am now able to love and be loved.

I have in me a great confidence in life, in what I feel deep down, in my feelings in the face of decisions to be made or paths to follow.

I discovered spirituality, which turned out to be the most important thing for me. This discovery has led me to greater wisdom, to a hope that never goes away and to lasting happiness.

Despite life’s difficulties, I still have the certainty that I will come out of it grown and stronger.



My life mission

In my life, the image of ME has changed enormously.

From the role of victim, I became more positive, more affirmative, richer of all these experiences.

I also realized that I am not responsible for childhood injuries and that as an adult I had to choose. Remain a victim or become a winner?

With the help I received, over time, I realized that the traumas that had been suffered had turned into wealth.

Now I’m ME…

Of course, I’m not perfect, far from it! But I know how to face and accept the events of life with more strength, courage, perseverance and above all with LOVE.

I affirm that the discovery of personal growth and spirituality has transformed my life!

I now have a great need to pass on my experiences and knowledge to as many people as possible so that they can find and understand that life is worth living. That life has the meaning that one wants to give it.

And to remember that one always has a choice and that LOVE is the opposite of fear.

My training

Listen to Your Body – Lise Bourbeau

  1. Relationship with Yourself Training
  2. Relationship with Others Training

PRH (Personality and Human Relations)

Who am I?

Training in a helping relationship

Family Home, community organization

Maison Michel Sarrazin

Help for people at the end of life (volunteer in care)


Other training

Radiesthesia (pendule)

Tarot of the Soul

Reiki Energy Care, Levels 1 and 2



Adviser in helping relationship, Mshrew of the Soul, Spiritual accompaniment (bereavement), Energy Care, Lecturer


(418) 915-4238 – lotus.15@hotmail.com

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