Have you found your mission


A workshop-conference to discover yourself and chart your own course!

A simple and light lecture to reflect on your life, your values and your dreams.

Who would you like to be?
What would you like to do to make yourself useful to others?
What is this unique talent you’re wearing?

We will see beyond our limits all the truth that has inspired us since our creation:

Our deep values, our strengths, the causes that motivate us, our greatest challenges and the injustices that make us tremble!

Many are ways to find your mission, to become aware of what’s there in you. In all of us…

You’re someone too!

You have a mission here that gives you the right and the power to exist. That’s why you have a duty to come forward, to express yourself!

This conference is for those who wish to live their raison d’être. It is therefore also aimed at the entrepreneur who would like to know or specify the mission of his company.

I can’t wait to cross your path!

Marc Blais

Booking required:



Transfer Interac to: marc@marc-blais.com



Marc Blais (450) 803-5685


I help people find and fulfill their life mission.

Marc Blais

Who am I?


After two successful careers in the financial field, I sought myself. I have been looking for many years how to find his way…

And I had a hard time getting started and fulfilling my mission. So I know that several pitfalls can block our path… And prevent us from expressing ourselves, from achieving ourselves fully.

Also, one of my challenges has been to find a way to help someone who wants to fulfill his life mission to detect and deal with his blockages.

I searched and searched; I read dozens of books, took several training courses and consulted therapists.

And I finally figured out how to help a person find and walk towards the goal he gave himself.

My coaching and workshops aim to help find its life mission and to get through the pitfalls in a gentle and effective way in order to achieve it.

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